I thought of this and it was very easy to make.

I thought of this and it was very easy to make.

Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa (1992)


"Before we do this, are you 100% positive we are in this show"

Can’t say this was unexpected. Still, the passing of a legend.

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Original Character Do Not Steal

Dan Ronan.


Dan Ronan died on Friday, and I’ve been crying a lot since I found out. I’m crying right now. I loved Dan dearly. It’s really difficult to think of a friend’s life having an end point. I’m never going to hear his voice again even though it’s been playing in my mind for the last day. I’m never…


How To Win At Everything East-Coast Mini-Tour


Fig. 1: Wham City’s Ben O’Brien opens for the How To Win authors at The Crown in Baltimore.

Fig. 2: The How To Win authors with their friends from Wham City (From the left: Daniel Kibblesmith, Dina Kelberman’s hands, Dan Deacon, Alan Resnick, Ben O’Brien, Drew Swinburne, Sam Weiner, and Erin Gleeson

The How To Win authors could not have felt more at home in Baltimore, accurately nicknamed “Charm City” for the many tokens and reliquaries that you must carry on your person at all times to protect yourself from the ghosts of our Founding Fathers.

Thanks to our venue The Crown for your hospitality, and openers and guests Alan Resnick, Dale Beran, Erin Gleeson, and Ben O’Brien, pictured above teaching our audience how to use meditation to become almost as great as he is.

Tomorrow: How To Win At Everything East-Coast Mini-Tour Pt. II: Lost In New York