Now that they’ve all been sent out, I feel like I can finally mention that I directed the opening titles for Fantasia in Best Show Minor—the DVD Premium created by Tom Scharpling for the Best Show on WFMU 2010 Pledge Drive.

Shot at Chicago’s WLUW by Jared Jeffries, with animation by Maggie Kraisamutr, color correction by Jeff Altman and audio from The Best Show on WFMU, with an original song by Yo La Tengo.

It was an effort that took up a huge part of my year (and brain), and I was only producing a tiny, tiny fraction of it. I’m honored to be featured among some of my personal creative heroes like comedian Paul F. Tompkins, comic book writer Matt Fraction and this one guy who recreationally burns Christmas trees.

The Best Show on WFMU can be heard Tuesdays at 9pm Eastern at This DVD Premium can be viewed by the people who made it happen.

Or, you know, just come by sometime.

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